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Jamila Naz - Henna Hair Color

Henna is a popular way to color or dye hair, which unlike chemical hair dye, is all natural and harmless. Pure henna, which is plant derived can offer the consumer a variety of hair colors. The most common shades are red, mahogany, burgundy and black, but lighter shades are also achievable.

Benefits of henna as a hair color is that it strengthens the hair, eliminates dandruff, and leaves hair conditioned, manageable and shiny. Unlike chemical dyes, henna tends to fade more gradually and naturally. Whether you are looking for a color change or just want to cover gray, it is easy to color your hair naturally!

Henna is a good alternative for pregnant women, and women on medication therapies.

Jamila provides her clients with the purest ayurvedic henna powder, with no fillers, additional colors or chemicals of any kind. We add natural herbs such as amla and shikai for richer color and shiny, healthier hair.

Henna hair color consultation and service provided by appointment only.

Henna hair color services start from $55.00 and up.

Henna available in 4 colors: Mahogany, Burgundy, Brown, and Black.
**Bring your own henna color and we can apply for you as well.

Call for an appointment: 512-467-2566




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